Thursday, September 30, 2010

My NJHS Speech

My NJHS Speech: Word for word, more or less, of what I said this morning:

     Hey, I’m Olivia, and I’m [also] running for NJHS president. I think that I should be elected because I’m dedicated, have previous experience, and would do my best to help us all enjoy being in National Junior Honors Society.
     Whenever I start a new project or job, I always follow it through to the end. No matter how long it takes, my dedication to seeing the finished product doesn’t fade. Being the president would be a year long commitment- one that I am able to- and want- to make. I will be available for meetings almost every time there is one, including the additional Tuesdays for officers. Whether it is the first meeting or the last, my involvement will not go down.
     In addition, I have all the experience needed to be president. I have leadership experience, and have also been in student organizations like NJHS before. Last year I was in Student Council, where I took on the responsibilities of secretary. This was an excellent experience for me, and I really enjoyed coming early every Friday to discuss and argue over ideas with the rest of the student government. Thanks to the experiences I’ve had with DeWitt Drama, I don’t have a problem with speaking in public, and I have been complemented on being able to speak to anyone about anything. Another leadership experience I’ve had was over this summer, when I wrote and directed a community play. We got kids from ages 7-14- some of whom are in this room now- and together we put on a play. I directed it throughout about 4 rehearsals over the course of only 3 weeks, and by the performance date they were more than ready- from their lines, to their blocking, to their costumes. One of the main things I learned by putting that event together was how to keep order with people who are my age and also my friends. It was a valuable lesson in how to be nice while still keeping it productive and it not being overly chaotic. That’s a skill every president needs to have, because really while their job is to get things done, it’s more importantly about keeping you happy.
     And that’s what it comes down to, really. I’m up here bragging about why I would be right for the job, but you can’t be a good president just by pleasing yourself. That’s not what I’m trying to do.
     It’s not about me, it’s about you- and that’s why you should vote Olivia Salomon for the president of NJHS.

I was really happy with how I did. Hope you vote for me!


  1. It was really well done. You have my vote =)

  2. This is so well done! Well Written! Try to be more descriptive. 60/100

  3. That was awesome, i'm actually running for president of NJHS. I have to come up with a speech this weekend and I had no idea what to wright. Until, I read this. You really inspired me and also really helped me right my speech. Thank you for helping me on my speech.